Want a great look?  gotalook.com
Services            What does an image consultant do?

     Helena’s experience in the theatre and high end fashion business, along with an eye for design, and her attention to detail has earned her the trust of women and men who want to look their best.  Known for her easy manner and sense of humor, she will introduce you to the enjoyment of finding your personal style and the inner confidence of looking and feeling great.

Personal Shopping 

      Do you get overwhelmed in the stores and have trouble zeroing in on the right looks for you?  Do you feel intimidated by sales help pushing items you’re unsure of?  Do you just hate to shop?  I will:  

  • steer you to the items that will have an impact on your look but not on your budget.
  • help you look for pieces to add to your wardrobe that will serve you through the years, not just through the season.

Workshops and Seminars 
Let me tailor a workshop to your group or organization.  Whether it’s an informative talk on appropriate business attire or a fun evening looking at fashion trends, you can build an event around image and style.  Students venturing out into the business world, business staff that could use a little sprucing up, friends who just want to explore some fun ways to update their wardrobes are just some of the seminars available for group participation.

Wardrobe Analysis
Need help deciding what to keep and what to toss?   The majority of us would agree that we have plenty of clothes in our closets, just not the things we want to wear.  If you’re bogged down with a lot of this and that, but lack “looks” that you feel good in, let me work with you to weed out the not-so-good and showcase the great.  With an objective eye and gentle tact I will:

  • show you what you can afford to part with and what you may be overlooking. 
  • help you make smart purchases to spruce up your wardrobe and create new looks you'll enjoy wearing.
  • advise you on fit and color, what flatters and what’s age appropriate while allowing you to express your own individuality.
I have no affiliations with merchants 
or vendors and will recommend only what's 
right for you.  I want you to have a great 
look, but one that’s your own!  

Want a great look?  gotalook.com

Bridal Consultation

You may be planning for the big day but a little overwhelmed about what to wear.  I will:

  • help you find a dress that you will love and all the accessories to go with it. 
  • attend fittings and advise on undergarments, shoes, headpieces to compliment your wedding outfit. 
  • find just the right looks for your attendants, mother-of-the-bride, mother-of-the-groom, and all those important people taking part in your special day.

Packing for Trips
     Traveling to Europe and only want to take a carry-on? Attending a week’s conference and want to be sure you have the right things? Planning on visiting several different climates all in one trip? I will: 
  • help you pack the things you need and leave the other stuff at home.
  • put together looks that will take you through your travels and various activities while looking great on the go.
  • show you how to pack more efficiently so that your clothes arrive at their destination fresh and ready to wear.

Public Speaking & Accent Reduction

     Not confident when you have to speak publicly?  Wish your business presentations had more impact?  Not everyone is at ease in front of a group, but it’s easy to learn the skills that will make you a more relaxed and engaging speaker.  Perhaps you would like to speak with less of your native foreign or regional accent.  With a few coachings I will:

  • Give you tools to ease stage fright and help you feel more confident.
  • Banish nervous gestures and “verbal tics".
  • Neutralize accents and undesirable speech habits.
  • Coach you in your delivery to keep audiences interested and engaged.
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